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Tavira creates centers to promote healthy living and active aging
24 Nov, 21

In the Algarve, the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), coordinating the reference center for Active and Healthy Aging - Algarve Active Ageing (A3), has promoted several integrated actions, creating the Algarve Active Ageing Hub, enabling initiatives from laboratory, translational research , clinic, training and application in the community. The ABC structured the Hub in order to maximize the characteristics of the region.

In this context, the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle, in which Tavira has international recognition, has several necessary characteristics to comply with the measures proposed by the European Commission for Portugal.

ABC proposes to create the Campus Med Life, aimed at training in a healthy lifestyle, with recreational activities associated with the training component associated with the Mediterranean Lifestyle, with practical training, complemented with the use of virtual reality technologies. This Campus will also have suitable circuits for the practice of physical exercise outdoors, and its use is expected for several generations, from the school community to the most aged population.

Associated with Campus Med Life, a Digital Therapeutics Center for Aging and Disease will also be created, in a partnership between ABC and Johns Hopkins University, promoting the maintenance of the population's physical and cognitive capacity and rehabilitation in situations of disease.

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