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ABC congratulates Sara Carvalhal for the L’Oréal Portugal Medal of Honor for Women in Science
23 Mar, 22

Which neurons are responsible for the development of addictive behaviors, such as drug use? Can stem cell manipulation shed light on what causes microcephaly? What is the role of the Tejo River Estuary in the preservation of water birds? Can the simulation of small tumors in the laboratory help treat cancer?

These are some of the questions raised by the four scientific projects distinguished by the Medals of Honor L'Oréal Portugal for Women in Science, which in its 18th edition will support the research of Sara Carvalhal, Algarve Biomedical Center, Sandra Tavares, i3S - Institution of Research and Innovation in Health; Carina Soares-Cunha, Research Institute in Life and Health Sciences, University of Minho and Edna Correia, Center for Environmental and Sea Studies, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.

With a PhD or post-doctoral degree in their areas of specialization, the researchers aged between 32 and 35 years were selected from more than 72 candidates by a scientific jury, chaired by Professor Alexandre Quintanilha. Each winner receives a prize worth 15 thousand euros, as an incentive for their research and work in the areas of health and environment. An initiative that aims, more broadly, to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable science and society.

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